Faith Marion Robinson - a Journey Home Album

The Irish poet Thomas Moore once wrote: “You travel around the world to get what you need and then you come home to find it”. Having traveled many roads this debut album, recorded in 2005, is Faith’s musical journey home. The recording was produced by Ray McLaughlin and Faith and engineered by Seamus Cullinane at Roseland Studios in Moate, County West Meathe, Ireland.

“To me…. the thought of home brings up so many special images. The songs that I chose for this album from both Ireland and the US gave me a musical portal to express my feelings of love, hearth, home and freedom. Although I have been singing all my life, this is a first foray into recording and music production. My voice came from my mother who encouraged my study and with the help of my teachers Andy Anselmo, and Phil Campanela of the Singers Forum, I embarked upon a journey which harks back to my youth and musical roots. Finding the right chemistry for production and adding the brilliant artistry of my colleagues have made this album an amazing collaboration. In planning these songs I found a deeper connection between myself and others, I knew I wanted to share. This journey is a culmination and celebration of my personal experiences with my husband in Ireland, our family, friends and songs I care about. I felt a need to express a deeper side of myself and let those feelings touch the imagination of those that wish to listen. As an artist, I hope the impressions from the CD will inspire others to pass along their gifts with the greatest gift we all have…… and share blessings along the way”.

When I first came to Ireland in 1985 I heard The Town I Loved So Well and wanted to sing it. It was Paddy Reilly’s version that I was first hooked on. I think Phil Coulter wrote one of the most poignant songs that expresses the deep yearning for homeland freedoms from oppression. I thought, even at that time, what a great Irish song but also a song that could be a metaphor for trouble in towns, cities and countries not only Ireland but that the message of this song could touch the hearts of all peoples around the world that are in the midst of conflict. Now that there is peace in Northern Ireland, perhaps this song can live on not only as a great Irish song but as a song of yearning for freedom of all peoples from conflict.