Faith Marion Robinson
A Journey Home



Reviewed by Jamie O’Brien
Here is a fascinating album which features an unexpected mix of 11 songs from both sides of the Atlantic and performed by a singer with a truly distinctive voice. I confess, on first listening, I thought, “No, this doesn’t work for me.” But then, I found myself wandering around, singing the songs to myself. And then I found myself drawn back to the CD. And now, I’ve been playing it over and over.

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Reviewed By Ray O’Hanlon, Editor, Irish Echo
The good songs always deserve a new voice. And in Faith Robinson Irish music fans have such a voice delivering songs that are tried, tested and forever deserving of fresh rendition. Robinson’s debut album hints at nostalgia and the song list will serve to confirm that this New York-based singer considers Ireland her other home.

“Down By The Sally Gardens” is the lead-in track on this CD available through Rego Records and in stores that carry Irish recordings.
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